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Delivering an extra helping hand for growing businessesEst. 2019
BJS Extra is all the experience of BJS Home Delivery with an extra helping hand for up and coming companies. We give you a boost by welcoming you to the delivery team big league, without penalising you for low volumes. We can support you with our IT systems and processes and help you to grow.
dedicated account manager
no minimum volume requirements
we can offer you
  • A single point of contact
  • Consistency of service with inconsistent volumes
  • A dedicated warehouse for EXTRA clients
  • IT infrastructure and support
  • Fuss-free on-boarding process
  • 3-5 day lead time
Our people

Your account manager will be your single point of contact for consistency, reassurance, and efficiency.

Our focus is ensuring we understand the areas we can work to support you - and we really enjoy getting to know you better as we work to build your business.

It might seem old fashioned, but we like people as much as we like processes.

Your customers can expect
client portal with tracking functionality
room of choice delivery
furniture disposal
dedicated customer service and customer care departments
collections and exchanges
Our partners
Case study
"Our previous delivery partner stopped trading during the first lock down, we had been using them for about 12 months but due to COVID they ceased their home delivery service. We had been looking for a new partner for a few months when a supplier recommended BJS Extra"explains Will Norcross, Marketing Executive at Big Furniture Warehouse
We got in touch with BJS Extra and were delighted to hear that they could offer us exactly the two-man service we wanted for our premium products. They understood our service aspirations and we have now been working with them since December 2020.
We have been really impressed with the big-company service BJS Extra has delivered for us and our 10-15 deliveries a week.
A real benefit to our business has been the way the BJS Customer Care team book the deliveries directly with our customers, it adds convenience and saves time for all parties and is an efficient joined up
Our people

We value the whole customer experience, and we aim to meet the highest standards across a wide variety of tasks. That’s why we’ve created our own dedicated training academy – ensuring that our delivery teams have all the skills required to provide the very best service experience for your customers.

Our people are our product, so the whole team undertake a tailored training programme to provide the very best delivery service standards.

Our training includes furniture handling, furniture building, exacting Health & Safety standards as well as all the little things that make a big difference for your customers.

All in all, we're constantly looking for staff who are genuinely people-centric, or in other words... really, really nice.

head of the classOnce we've found people with the right attitude - we invest time and energy into helping them 'learn the ropes' well.
getting from a to bIn order to get to a customer on-time, we help our teams improve their navigation and driving skills.
brains as well as brawnAll our teams are thoroughly trained in how to move large and awkward items safely and without damage.
be preparedWe check a home before moving items inside, measuring doors and tight-spaces to ensure the minimum of fuss.
putting it all togetherEach team is thoroughly trained in how to assemble and install every item of furniture and equipment we deliver.
qualified and readyAfter three weeks of training, our teams are ready to provide a great two-man delivery service to your customers.
What our customers think
Good set of drivers 👍
Good set of drivers 👍Tommy P
TrustScore 4.626,430 reviews
Dark image of hands together, representing unityTruthful and...AuthenticBJS is a corporate built on compassionate values; named after Baba Jaswant Singh Ji - who remains the spiritual inspiration and guidance behind the brand after his death in 2020 – BJS has an authentic desire to make a lasting and positive impact on the world.
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